God or no god; it doesn’t change things

Whether or not there is a god, does not affect how I live.  I try to live in a positive way with or without God.  I don’t worship, well, because I don’t believe in a supernatural power.  But also because when I think about a god that makes any sense to me, a god that would create the entire universe, I can’t imagine it desiring worship.  This seems like a very human desire and strong evidence that God (the one of the Bible, anyway) was created in man’s image.  When I think about the people I know who desire worship, I think of very narcissistic people.  When I think of the times I desire to be acknowledged and recognized, I recognize that I’m being self-centered.  Human.  I’m not saying it’s always wrong, simply human.  Therefore, when I leave my mind open for a god, I feel no need to worship it, as I feel this would be beneath it.  Oh, and I can’t bring myself to assign a gender to God.  It just seems weird… and again… human.  Like I said, created in man’s image.


6 Responses

  1. Excellent thoughts – and ones I also share with you!

  2. for me worship is not going to the sticks and stone buildings sunday morning…singing a few songs…listening to a sermon….and corporate prayer…..many call that worship….but not me…….for me worship is like joining into a song already being sung……..where i become part of the creation…..it can be through song…or prayer…..or reading a story….or smelling a flower…..or joining in laughter…….this “worship” wells up inside of me and because it is bigger than me must release…….

    about the gender thing…..for me i believe the bible must be read in historical context….especially the old testament……what does it mean to be jewish? and try to read the OT through that lense…..but then jesus called God father so i see God as also my father……but i assign the holy spirit…..the feminine…….

    how could we possibly understand all that there is to God in our terms….our minds limit or put things in boxes i think in self defense……which i believe is why we have so many questions about God…….i was a bit miffed at God when i realized it was a bunch of middle aged white guys who cannonized the bible……so when i am sick of hypocrisy…especially christian……that is when i look to the sunset…..the ocean……a tree…….and ponder and wonder the amazing thing that is life……

    and if i didn’t believe in God…..i would live differently…..i probably would have been a homeless alcoholic…..dead at 21……..

    • My mom thinks of God as her father, Jesus as her brother, and the Holy Spirit as something more flowing all around. I think that’s kind of cool.

      I can get that joining into the something bigger feeling too and there are certain things that do it somewhat reliably and it’s an awesome feeling. I don’t subscribe it to anything godlike. But I do get that, as it’s how I was raised. Interesting.

  3. Saw this quote and thought of you. “God made so many different kinds of people; why would God allow only one way to worship?” -Martin Buber

  4. I”m with you on every point here, Maggie.

  5. I found your blog through a comment you made on an atheist adoption forum. We are researching adoption right now, and are really having a tough time sifting through the fact most agencies require proof of faith in God. Your views almost mimic ours. How did you overcome this major hurdle?

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