Happy Third Birthday, BB!

She loves her fairy princess dress, which is awesome, as it looks absolutely adorable – and she manages to go up and down stairs in it and ride a Harley, um tricycle.  She also loves her doll house, especially the potty – all the dolls use it routinely and I even caught her squatting over it, Chinese style.  Thank goodness, as it’s only the size as her big toe.  We went out to dinner with the friend of her choice and a waiter sang Happy Birthday to her in Italian.  Her one birthday wish was to have Happy Birthday sung to her – and it was – many times… in English, Chinese and Italian.  Nice.  And totally off topic, but funny 3-year-old story.  She wanted to play with my smart phone and I was pulling away from her and she hollered,

but I want to check the weather!


6 Responses

  1. Oh wait…. I don’t remember. Was one of her choices on her first birthday to be a Meteorologist???

  2. My kids tell me all of the time that they need my computer to check their e-mail. I wonder where they get it!

    I just gave you an award. 🙂

  3. So cute. Happy 3rd Birthday BB! I just love the dollhouse. We’ll need one of those here soon.

    I’m not sure whether to think she wants to be a meteorologist or if she just wanted to find out if she could wear her bathing suit outside yet.

  4. So adorable! Happy birthday, sweet BB (a few days late). Glad it was all you hoped for.

  5. Looks like the birthday was a great success.
    !Feliz Cumpleanos Preciosa Bing~Bing!

    (pretend there is a ~ over the N in cumpleanos. I need a foreign language keyboard!)

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