Happy Holidays!

Yesterday we went to our first of two Chinese New Year celebrations.  BB had a good time.  She even went on stage for some of the performances.

After some teenage girls from China did some dance, music, and Kung Fu presentations, I noticed BB doing some dance-like moves I’d never seen her before.  I’m very curious who she was imitating.

She especially enjoyed the “firecrackers”  – jumping on bubble wrap, which is always a hit.

Last night she spent the night with grandparents, went to church with them this morning, and returned to us at lunchtime.  She is also enjoying “Heart Day,” and although she is aware that today is both Valentines Day and Chinese New Year, she is loving singing Happy Birthday to me all day long!  So Happy Holidays to you all!


2 Responses

  1. I love bubble wrap. ^_^

  2. Bubble wrap is the best!

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