Trafficking & adoption

I can’t even fathom living like this migrant family, living in poverty in China.  The parents routinely chain their 2-year-old son to a tree, so they can work and he won’t be stolen, as his sister recently was.  The most frightening part for me, as an adoptive parent of a child from China is this line.  The father,

had refused offers of ‘a lot of money’ to give his son up for adoption.

These awful stories of trafficking in China always about toddlers stolen in public places, but what about the market for newborns?  I wonder how the incentive programs the orphanages use to encourage parents giving birth to over-quota children work?  Are they offered  “a lot of money” to give up their children, so they can go to orphanages, and come to us?  When will these stories be in the Chinese news, I wonder?


4 Responses

  1. Well okay, But are you saying you didn’t pay any money for your child. How do you know he/she wasn’t traficked?

  2. I hope that I would never have to be in the position of this man and the many people here and abroad who worry about their children each day when they cannot afford proper care. I think this issue needs more attention on the homefront as well, how many children are home alone this minute because their parent cannot afford care or are left with inadequate caregivers. So sad for this family.

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