Blizzard be-gone!

It appears that the wacky weather, you know, for people not used to twice-weekly snowstorms and blizzards, is OVER!  BB and I went out and I pulled her around the neighborhood.  She was surprised that the snow was too deep for us to get into the park.  We couldn’t even manage a snowman in our yard because we can’t walk into the stuff. Below, BB walks with a real superhero, her daddy.  He has cleared snow for three families (two neighbors’ and ours) for these two snowstorms, without a complaint, at times covered in icicles.  Our little street looks better than the public street they are walking toward.  But then, it didn’t have superhero attention.  Hubs, you rock!   


Backyard beauty   

I suspect that tomorrow we are back to real life.


4 Responses

  1. We are supposed to get more snow on Monday… hooray… can’t you just hear the joy in my voice.

  2. I swear, one more flake of snow and I’m moving back to Maine! Where I used to live in Maine has 50% less snow this year than previous years……. maybe the snow did follow me to Philly!
    I like not having to shovel but that’s about it!

    • Yes, but next year we won’t have El Nino and things will flip back to normal. I would stay here. Unless like your new neighbors are telling you, it is following you, please go far far away. We can always keep in touch by email and phone and you can fly in for summer visits.

  3. So sorry that you are getting the snow that we usually get. We’ve barely had any at all so far and still the new sled is gathering dust.

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