Snow day!

We finally got out in the snow.  BB has preferred to stay in and watch Mary Poppins – over and over again.  But this afternoon, I persuaded her to go out of the house.  Like her Stop Sign Hat?  You can’t get that just anywhere.

After coming in, BB and I made hot chocolate, for ourselves and Hubs, who was finishing up with the snow blowing, which he appreciated, as he was slightly iced over.  BB has a panda bear named Pande or Xiao Xue Gua, named after a baby panda on Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, her favorite TV show.  She loves this little guy and he does everything with her.  While drinking her hot chocolate she announced,

Pande can’t have hot chocolate.  He doesn’t have a tongue.

Can’t argue with that logic.


3 Responses

  1. Ahhh! You got to use the sled. Jammer got one for Christmas but we still haven’t been able to use it. Yet. And hot chocolate is the best.

    I do wonder what she thinks Panda can have since he has no tongue. He’s going to get mighty hungry.

  2. The Tongginator has Pande, too. Although Pande is a shape shifter, changing into all manner of pandas from her huge collection. (Okay, okay, her MOMMA’S huge collection.) So glad to see BB out in the snow. And that stop sign hat? How apropos… STOP THE SNOW!

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