Religious billboards

A friend of mine who lives in Philadelphia had mentioned that there were atheist billboards along the Philly highways that are causing a stir.  I was curious, so I tried to see if I could find them online to see how offensive they might be.  Here’s what I found:

The group says they are not attempting to recruit atheists or try to get religious people to change their position.  They simply want other non-believers to know there are others like them out there and give them a way to connect.

Frankly, I think the religious billboard thing is ridiculous.  I can see why the Humanists are doing it.  It’s a way to get their word out and, personally I think theirs are far more tasteful than the Christian ones I see.  The Humanist one isn’t evangelism and it only makes me think that these frightened Christians aren’t confident in their faith.  But then they are using their own billboards as evangelism.  Maybe they know they work.  Maybe some of the faithful were swayed this way, inherently so weak that all it takes is a billboard.  Did they buy that supersized Big Mac meal advertised on the next billboard on the way to the church?

My sins?  I hope I will and learn from my mistakes.  What I see from this message is someone paid for my sins and you might as well keep sinning, as you can be forgiven over and over, as long as in the end you accept the right savior.  Then it will all be okay.  Me?  I can lead a good, positive life, but if I don’t believe the right thing, I’m doomed to your hell.  Sorry, but I find it all very weird.

Yes, non-believers are gun-toting killers.  We have no morals at all.  Sheesh, now what if the Humanist group put up something like that about religious people citing all the violence that has occurred in the name of religion?  Wouldn’t that raise a stir?  In fact, some might call it discrimination.

And these, well… I think they speak for themselves.

I have no intention of joining the Humanist Club.  I am reading Parenting Beyond Belief, a book about how to raise children in a non-religious home.  I’m also quite interested in these issues.  That’s because we live in a religiously dominated society.  We are bombarded with this daily.  Our daughter will be told things about God, where people go when they die, where she will go if she doesn’t believe, she will read these billboards, …  If that were not the case, this would not be an issue and I wouldn’t think about it or write about it here.  But it is.  As part of our society, we will need to respond to it.  We need to do so respectfully.  We care for and love many of these religious people.  I think religion can provide many wonderful values.  In fact, we share many of them.  However, we will need to share our views with BB about what happens when people die, why we aren’t terrified of hell… as these issues arise.  Interestingly, many of these issues arise when we are driving.  Hubs and I find ourselves having many talks about the insanity of religion in the car.  It will be interesting when BB can take part actively, as I suspect these billboards will be around for a long time to get us going.


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  1. those billboards are a tad embarrassing…….sigh……and yes a lot of religion is not logical……probably why i am drawn to it…..i would be interested on what you believe happens when you die…..just curious…….


  2. Okay… my person favorite is being stuck in Philly traffic and reading the bumper stickers! One I saw recently said “The Right Wing: Because Jesus would carry a gun.”
    I’m considering carrying a notebook to jot down the bumper stick philosophy I’ve seen…… would it be more illegal for me to write down the slogans than texting them?

    • My favorite thing like this isn’t a bumper sticker, it’s a set of testicles hanging from the rear bumper of a truck! It’s totally disgusting and hilarious. I wish I had the guts to stick a note on the car asking what the poor guy is compensating for by having those things hanging on his truck like that. But, alas, I’m afraid I might get shot.

  3. LOVE your post. TOTALLY agree with you, and happy to read someone with similar views. I believe that there are many different spiritual philosophies out there, and the reason this country was built was for religious freedom….whatever ‘religion’ that is. I, too, want to give our daughter choices in what she feels is right for her to believe in. That is the way I was raised, and, just realizing now what a gift that was, that not all parents give their children the same choice, I want to make sure my daughter has the same gift.

    I can’t wait to come visit your blog again, now that I’ve found it!!!! 🙂

    ~ Boo Boo

  4. Believe or not believe…we jsut want to give our kids the information available and let them decide when they are old enough. The most important thing to us is to teach them to respect everyone no matter what their beliefs are.

  5. Ah, interesting post.

    There was one in Albq with a big picture of Jesus that said
    “Behold, I come quickly.”

    It always gave me a good chuckle.

  6. I don’t really understand these billboards, no matter the perspective.

    If it’s to get people thinking & talking, then they apparently do the trick. If it’s to spread a message (whether you want to call it evangelism or not), then I’m usually just confused.

    (Esp that one with the handgun – what’s that about??)

  7. I’m with you. I don’t understand why intolerance and bigotry are OK if they’re in the name of religion. I heard an interview on NPR a couple months ago w/a guy who’d written a book called “Good Without God.” He’s a humanist, but also used to be a rabbi. He sounded like a really interesting guy & I’d wanted to read the book. I think the jist of it is that it’s possible to be spiritual without being religious, which is how I would describe myself. Anyway, your post reminded me of the book, so I’m off to reserve it at the library!

  8. I just put parenting Without Religion in my Amazon cart, along with Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief. Good Without God came up as a suggestion. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do!

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