Chinese class

Bing-Bing loves her Chinese classes.

It’s interesting for me, too.  An interesting exercise in learning to keep my mouth shut.  Before meeting BB, Hubs and I took some Chinese classes and the format for the children’s classes are oh, so different.  I shouldn’t be  surprised, but… uh… I can’t understand a thing!  I keep wanting to ask questions.  Finally, I clued in that this isn’t helpful. 

See, I had this fantasy that I could learn some Chinese in the Mommy/Daddy & Me Chinese class.  Uh, not so much.  The teacher is teaching children whose brains are wired for language.  She isn’t translating.  She’s just chatting it up and mixing with English.  And no pin yin, of course.  Just characters.  Sadly, I’m clueless.  I’m always wanting translations of everything spoken to English and written to pin yin.  But, now I’m learning, be quiet… this is for BB.  This is how she learns.  I’m finding I need to keep quiet at home too.  For, I’ll say something to BB and she’ll say it differently.  I think she’s saying it correctly.  I don’t want her to learn it my way – the wrong way.  It’s crazy-maddening.


3 Responses

  1. Oh, so true! And it’s humbling that I’ve been taking almost four years of it (but am still at a first-year level *blush*), while the Tongginator is working on year two and her accent and tones leave mine in the dust.

  2. so glad she is loving it. i struggle and am sure my daughter is laughing not because it’s cute that i said something in chinese, just that butchered it.

  3. Good point! I’ll keep that in mind next time we take class.

    Remember my story about dear daughter correcting me when I missed a number in my Chinese counting? I’m glad someone’s brain is wired for language learning because mine surely isn’t.

    Glad you could use the pics. :o)

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