Motherly intimidation commonly known as “the look”

The Hubs has an awesome family.  The Bing and I are pretty lucky to be part of it.  Like many families, they have their share of stories (Hubs will tell you he has none, but that’s a different story – and his to tell).  One of his grandmothers has some stories that just feel legendary.  She was at once simple, plain, and tremendously loving, yet somewhat outrageous (by reputation).  There is one story that goes over and over in my head, as I aspire to this mothering skill.  The brief story is told here, but I’ll tell a little more of how I’ve heard it here…

Years ago, Grandma of Hubs visited Hubs’ uncle’s family in Nigeria where they were on a mission trip.  They made a visit to a game preserve with lots of wild animals, many elusive to the human visitors.  All but the baboons – both wonderful creatures and terrible pests.  In their quest for food, they invaded human territory (guest huts, bags, etc.) if left unattended for even a moment, tossing junk (cameras, binoculars, clothes, etc.) aside in search of candy, gum, fruit, and various other goodies.  As the legend goes, Grandma of Hubs was entering (or was it exiting?) a hut with her suitcase, briefly set aside, when a baboon grabbed ahold readying to run and ransack.  Now, pay close attention.  It was then that Grandma gave the poor baboon “the look.”  Yes, she used motherly intimidation on a poor, unsuspecting baboon.  The  baboon set that bag down and ran off.  Because that’s how intimidating Grandma could be.

Now, I never witnessed Grandma’s “look,” but I can imagine it and I aspire to giving it when the time is right.  There are times, when BB is misbehaving, that I feel that words are clutter.  I dig deep and I give her a look.  She stops her misbehavior and suddenly I see a small, dog-sized baboon and I know I have succeeded in giving “the look” and I smile inside.


5 Responses

  1. The Look is a very important tool in the motherhood arsenal. I have developed it as a teacher and will use it as a mother when needed.

  2. I aspire to greatness such as this. And it’s perfectly attainable, I believe. After all, I HAVE been commended for my Teacher Voice. Or maybe that was reprimanded…

  3. I have yet to perfect the look but I do have some success with a specific tone of my voice. I’d rather have a winning look, quieter.

  4. Grandma is smiling. You have learned from the best.
    She used that look on adults too. Poor Grandpa, to bad it did not work on her second son.

  5. Thanks for being so complimentary of the family! We think you’re awesome, too. 🙂

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