Christmas at The House of Bing was quite simple this year.  More simple than planned, as ice or freezing rain was in the forecast and we didn’t want to put my family, mostly elderly, at risk.  So, instead of having them here, we traipsed over to their place for a visit and gift exchange, where I didn’t take a single picture.  What kind of blogger am I?  

 Then we headed home.  BB slept for a bit in the car, so naturally could not take a proper nap inside.  However, we insisted on some quiet time, but she had a few rules of her own – it would be in the closet.  She loves our front closet and often turns it into a cozy room, but this time she really outfitted it well (see above).  No problem, she was content and we all had a rest. 

Later we opened our family gifts – an easel for the artist.

 Hubs cooked our Christmas ham, but we ended up being happy to snack all day rather than have a fancy meal.  It just wasn’t the same without the guests, but it was a very nice day.  We saw everyone we wanted to, gave and received lovely gifts, and had a really nice and relaxing day.

Tomorrow we head to Chinatown for hot pot from a Chongqing-style restaurant.  And, no, that isn’t stolen marijuana.  Harrumph.


2 Responses

  1. Hey! I resemble that Hot Pot joke!

  2. That is one really cool easel. I can’t wait to see the new masterpieces that will be created.

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