First Christmas

We had our first Christmas celebration yesterday with Hubs’ family.  It was wonderful – the food, family, and gifts.  Yes, a good time for all.   BB really understood the gift giving and receiving this year, which was fun to see.

Cousin craziness (no one was injured)

Opening the BIG present

It’s an egg chair!  She did have to learn that spinning is best done in moderation – learned by over-doing (no vomiting, but vomiting precautions were taken).

And she loves making sushi.  Daddy, quite naturally, is thrilled.

We’ll be doing it all again on the 25th with my family.  Oh, and again with the extended Hubs’ clan on the 2nd.  It goes on and on around here.


4 Responses

  1. Makes my day to see that she (& the bro) like the sushi kit!

  2. Like it? She loves it. She was making me sushi in bed this morning.

  3. Sweet. That is one huge box that she had to unwrap.

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