Happy Birthday to K~

We went to a birthday party on Saturday and look who showed up!  It was a big surprise for everyone.  Bing-Bing is interested in Santa, hey… the girl loves people, but she doesn’t want to get to close.  My girl’s no crowd-following lap-sitter.  But I must admit, a part of me has longed for her to participate in this annual tradition (call me a crowd-following lap-sitter, if you must).  So with a small bribe (the guy had candy, people) and goodwill towards Mom – “ask him for a Mini Cooper” – she was persuaded to sit beside him on my lap.  She was quite content, then, and in no hurry to leave.

After handing out some gift bags, Santa read a story.  BB enjoyed that and the rest of the party.

The birthday girl was nearly in shock over Santa’s arrival at her party – he just knocked on her front door and asked if he could come to her party, if you can imagine that!  I kind of like BB’s attitude toward Santa – rather agnostic, I think.  Cool guy, cuz she likes people and he’s nice.  Mythic lore?  Not so sure.


2 Responses

  1. “ask him for a mini cooper”…. i’m still laughing.

  2. I love this post!

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