“Here’s a boingy for you, Mom”

Bing-Bing loves to make “boingies.”  Ever since her preschool teacher mentioned that her scissor work was quite precise a few months ago – he was surprised to see her making fringe – we ran out and got her a pair of scissors.  She often asks for paper and her beloved scissors and once she mastered confetti, boingies became her favorite thing to create.

She is very focused when she works on any art project.  Her teacher says she will stay at the table to finish her work long after the others have moved on – something somewhat unusual at this age.  She will often do this during meals, but not other things.

She usually gives her boingies as gifts, which we find quite irresistable.

Boingie-making is always done at the high chair, as early on we had to deal with confetti everywhere and some inappropriate items being cut.  It has become a wonderful hobby.


5 Responses

  1. I’m impressed with the boingies!!! It’s kind of funny to see her doing something so advanced for her age at the same time she is in a high chaire. Ok, not that funny, but it felt kind of ironic in a way. We are just at the fringe stage here.

  2. Very cool that she is so into it. Jammer is loving the scissors too but we just now finally found ones for just him and have yet to break them out. I guess we need to. Make sure you save some of the boingies to show her when she is all grown up.

  3. That takes talent. We are only up to the slashing of the magazine stage.

  4. Looks like BingBing has an adorable new haircut too!

  5. She is awesome with those scissors!

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