Hardware store

We went rug shopping today at a great local store that sells what seems to be a little of everything.  I tend to think of it as a hardware store, but they sell a whole lot more.  Including rugs.  Our new bedroom furniture is in, so it’s time to add a rug and put things on the walls.  So, off we went.

BB had a great time, playing with the trains.

It made for easy rug shopping.

Well, that and Hubs had already picked a rug out for us.  Sort of.  He told me about a rug he saw and liked weeks ago, but I wasn’t impressed – braided, he said.  I like braided rugs and all, but they make me think country, and I didn’t want country.  This is no country rug and I love it.  I didn’t have to look much further and we ordered it.  I’ll be hearing about this for weeks.

BB treks toward the tractors…

… where she tries out several.

I took these pics with my new phone, as I forgot my camera.  Could be worse.

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  1. Trains and tractors! BB and Jammer would get along great.

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