Port Discovery & my discovery

Last weekend we visited family and took a day trip to Baltimore’s Port Discovery.  What an awesome place for kids of any age.  We spent several hours there and didn’t see it all, but they have great spaces for babies, young kids, big kids, and most adults will love it too.

Bing-Bing really enjoyed Egypt

Here she is hanging on to all her “tickets” while climbing/falling off a rock in Egypt.

She loved driving the VW…

… and pumping gas.

This is Kidsworks – it’s a 3-story urban “treehouse” – a climbing extravaganza.

These pictures don’t really do it justice.  It has entrances on all three levels and it’s very open and easy to climb.  It’s also big enough for adults.

However, between this and our trip to Philly’s subway stations, I learned some things about myself that do not make me happy.  I have turned into my mother and my grandmother before her.  Let me explain.  When I was a child, I loved to climb and I was good.  I remember climbing a huge tree in my aunt and uncle’s backyard and my poor granny was a wreck seeing me up so high.  My mom defended my right to climb, as she had been a climber too.  However, when I was about 10, we went to New York City for a few days and my mother was a nervous wreck when we were in the subway stations.  Seems I had a penchant for standing near the edge of the track to see what was going on.  My mother was terrified.  What she didn’t know was that my balance was tremendous and I knew exactly what I was doing.  What she probably did know was I had the judgment of a 10-year-old and didn’t understand I could be knocked into the tracks by a passerby, that trains don’t stop, and all that third rail business. 

So, fast-forward to now and meet me… my mom, my granny.  It seems my vestibular system has deteriorated and worse, it’s connected to this crazy mom-worry thing that happens.  When we were in subway stations on Gotcha Day, I was literally dizzy watching BB.  She didn’t even need to be near the edge.  Once, she was safely strapped in her stroller, 3 feet from the edge and simply leaning toward the tracks for a better look (who wouldn’t?) and I was dizzy.  Sheesh.  Then in Kidsworks I was fine until we were up one story.  Her foot went through the ropes and she was stuck.  I was helping her out and all I could think of was the ropes giving way (and also, “oh, they inspect this thing all the time; there are adults are in here!”).  But I couldn’t get her splat below out of my head.  Then we were in an open area and she was jumping.  The dizziness swept over me.  I was fine when other kids jumped.  It was only her.  I had to look away.  I knew she was fine.  It was awful.  Finally, I left her with her aunt, uncle, and cousins and took a slide outta there so she could be with sane people who wouldn’t get queasy just watching her be a kid and I could stop the dizziness.

Playing in the water room

And another day all-together, but I love this picture at a park as she reaches up to me.

Finally, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  We had a wonderful day.  It’s a very meaningful holiday for us, as two years ago we were in Chongqing for a lovely, but unusual Thanksgiving dinner.


3 Responses

  1. That is one cool looking place. I think she had fun.

  2. There’s a very similar museaum in Bangor, Maine. The Children’s Discovery Museum. I would often take the kids I was working with when I was a behavioral specialist and get far more interested in having fun than the kids did! That museum had a three story “Beaver Hut” for the kids to climb in…… I wouldn’t go in though!
    I think the scary thing is kids ARE fearless because they don’t see the possible consequences. I know my heart lost more than a few beats with Bing just on Thanksgiving! I think if I did have kids I would keep them wrapped in bubble wrap until they turned 21!

  3. That place looks great. We’ll have to remember that for when we visit that fine city.

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