Crocodile gets a time-out at the picnic

Bing-Bing has been having picnics.  She spreads out a blanket and brings just about everything she owns to the picnic, spreading out the food, guests, and … uh, everything!  All the while chatting things like, “it’s going to be fun!”  It’s a hoot.  I caught a bit of it here.

In other news, tomorrow is the second anniversary of our Gotcha Day!  Woo hoo.  We’re taking the day off and taking the train to Philly for Peking duck.  Well, for her it’s hoisen sauce with some duck to dip in it.  Yum.


2 Responses

  1. So cute. And that is one bad croc if he bit her. She need to tell him “no biting”.

    Congrats on the anniversary and have a great time in Phily. I would die to have some peking duck again.

  2. Happy anniversary of your Gotcha Day. Wow, how time does fly. Hope the trip to Phily and back was uneventful and enjoyable by all.

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