Children’s museum

We had a busy morning on Saturday.  First, Chinese class, which Bing-Bing loves.  Next, the children’s museum.  Her favorite part is the grocery store, which she visited after painting her face.

Art Show-2009-10-9 032

She had fun making me Dagwood sandwiches.

Art Show-2009-10-9 034

Enormous Dagwood sandwiches!

Art Show-2009-10-9 036

And she bought lots of veggies.

Art Show-2009-10-9 039

Next, we went to the doctor for her flu vaccine and she did great!  We talked a lot about medicine, as she’s taking a prescription for an ear infection and missed a lot of school last week.  She was also taking Tylenol then, so medicine is on her mind. She said something about a sore throat and I asked if her throat was sore now.

 “No, Mom.  I don’t need any medicine.  Thank you for offering.

If I hadn’t been sitting, I would have fallen over.  Now I’m working hard to find her the H1N1 vaccine.  Not easy.

Sunday was an off day.  The time change threw us all off and we didn’t get much done.  We did get to a Chinese buffet for lunch and she proceeded to tell us the colors of her foods – in Spanish.  She’s teaching them to us, as I’ve forgotten most of this.  I try to get her to count in Chinese and she counts in Spanish, which is interesting because when I’m studying Chinese my Spanish comes back.


4 Responses

  1. Looking cute as usual! I SO love her comment–I would have cracked up!

    Weird isn’t it, my Spanish is coming back too.

  2. So did she name that huge sandwich?

  3. Nice to hear from you! B-B is getting so big!! Where does the time go?

  4. now thats what I call a sandwich!

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