Billy Jonas concert

The concert was really fun.  In the morning before leaving, we told Bing-Bing what we were going to do and said that Billy Jonas got his hair cut.  She was very excited and as soon as we arrived, she wanted to go meet Billy and seemed to have no problem with his short hair.  He was quite delightful with her and all the kids.  His drumming and singing were great.  He plays recycled drums that he makes from buckets, cans, and what ever he can find.  He uses bungee cords to hold his drums together.  It’s very cool and they sound great!  BB has been watching his Bangin’ & Sangin’ DVD for awhile (he has long straggly hair in that one).  We got several CDs and DVDs.  Good stuff!

K-2009-10 107

K-2009-10 109

K-2009-10 110

K-2009-10 111

On Sunday a friend of mine came by for the day and we spent a little time at the park.  I caught her mid-air on this one.

K-2009-10 113

Phoenix, she’s still enjoying catching those butterflies in the tub.  Very cool.


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  1. Jonas has some cool songs…is he related to the Jo Bros? Sadly my girls prefer them over the older Jonas.

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