Reading, confetti, & catching up

K-2009-10 092

Bing-Bing has been enjoying reading to herself and to us recently.  This evening was cute, as she had specific rules.  She told the story.  If she got stuck and I attempted to fill things in, I got in trouble, “I told you not to answer, Mommy.”  Okay, and I was quiet.  Sometimes I need to understand my place and just listen.

She also has been loving using her scissors to cut paper.  She is very precise, cutting long “worms.”  Then she cuts the worms into small confetti.  Anyone want to place a confetti order or need a live shredder?  She can spend long periods of time quite focused on this.  I’ll get a picture soon.  She is also getting better at cleaning up after the mess, and what a mess it is!  Tonight she cleaned up all her “worms,” then collected all the confetti in a bowl, and threw it all away.  High fives all around!  Speaking of high fives, we’ve been doing a lot of that, along with M&M rewards, and potty dancing lately too.  Things are moving along in that department, and she is generous with her rewards, encouraging us when we go on the potty too.  I may be expecting potty dancing at work this week. 

Other interesting facts, her favorite color is “rainbow,” she checks her belly button when she’s full to see if it’s sticking out (she’s like a turkey – it pops out when she’s done! – best belly button ever!!!), she’s still wild about pomegranates, but knows not to put the pieces up her nose, and next Saturday we are going to see Billy Jonas in concert.  We aren’t planning to tell her who we’re seeing, because she loves to watch his Bangin’ and Sangin’ DVD.  He wears his hair cut a lot shorter these days and we aren’t sure she’ll believe it’s really him, so we’ll let her decide when the time comes.  We watched a few extras on the DVD, in which he has short hair, and she kept saying, “I want Billy Jonas!”, refusing to believe me when I told her it was him.  I’m sure she’ll hear some familiar songs and hear his name.  I wonder what she’ll think?

6 Responses

  1. Wait a minute – she’s adorable, smart, AND picks up after herself? You all really do have the very best one!

    Love her haircut. You two look so comfy together.

  2. Uh, she doesn’t ALWAYS clean up after herself. This was a very big deal. We were thrilled!

  3. Cn she teach Jammer the cleaning up and potty tricks? Pretty please. We could use that here.

  4. Hey… I recognize that book! I hope she’s enjoying it!
    I definitely approve of the cleaning up but I’m a bit leery of the potty dance…… Do visitors need to dance before pottying too?… although sometimes I do without thinking of it.

  5. Potty dancing occurs after using the potty. I think if she doesn’t see you use the potty she probably won’t feel a need to potty dance for you. I recommend locking the bathroom door when you visit! We will tell her that you need your “prizary” (privacy). Using the bathroom is a very public event when there is a young child in the house. She’s funny, lately she closes doors behind her announcing her need for prizary. I’m afraid she’ll never learn to say privacy, as I just love her version and say that as often as the correct way.

  6. I could totally use a live shredder, but something tells me my bills wouldn’t be very much fun to cut into worms and confetti 😦

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