Skippyjon Jones was “too big”


The Skippyjon Jones event at the library wasn’t well organized, but I think BB was excited that he came.  She didn’t want to go up and hug him or high five, like many kids did.  She said he was “too big.”  She was excited about him being there and watched him leave the room with his escort, which he needed as  it was rather difficult to walk in the suit.  She kept asking where he went, so we said he went home to bed.  BB  looked for him outside,  but seemed to accept that he needed to go home to his mom and troublesome sisters and get to bed.  It was a late night.  The next morning she told Hubs that “Skippyjon Jones was very tall and very up and down.”  He was very tall for a kitty-boy Siamese kitten whose goal in life is to be a chihuahua bandito in Mexico.  Oh well, that’s the problem when you have adults dressing up as kittens, but we didn’t mention that.


4 Responses

  1. I have never heard of Skippyjon Jones before but he does look rather big and scary! I think I’m with BingBing on this one!

  2. Like that he was “very up & down” 🙂

    Are are you wearing a Skippjon hat of some variety?

  3. I’m wearing a Skippyjon Jones mask on my head.

  4. Aha! Love how you coordinated your outfit to match the mask 🙂

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