Growth spurt = clumsy Bing

As of Saturday afternoon, our normally agile Bing-Bing, has become quite clumsy.  It’s strange.  It started at the wonderful birthday party of her buddy Bo-Bo.  We went to the grand event, which Bing-Bing had been talking about for days.  She was so excited that Bo-Bo was turning “two, like me!”  But at the party, our BB tripped at the sandbox and bit her lip on landing with much blood and crying.  No stitches were required, but it is a little fat and yucky.  She also got a few scrapes elsewhere.  We figured this was a random event, but no.  Sunday was full of similar, but not so bloody events.  I happened to measure her on Saturday and she had jumped 3/4 of an inch since 6 weeks ago.  I had been measuring her all through this time, with no changes.  Is it possible that this was a very sudden growth spurt and she just doesn’t know where her body is in space?  We have been discouraging her glorious spinning and grand hopping and all the things she does so well – normally, because unless she wears full body armor, this kid is in trouble!

Here are some recent pics for you to enjoy, including a visit to her cousins:

K-Bing-2009-9 010

K-Bing-2009-9 002

K-Bing-2009-9 004

K-Bing-2009-9 007

K-Bing-2009-9 008

… and playing at the birthday party.

K-Bing-2009-9 025

On a happier note.  We are going to see Skippyjon Jones very, very soon!  She is so excited!!!


2 Responses

  1. The Tongginator did this… when she was nearly three, she went through a massive growth spurt (over three inches in less than three months – fun times!). She’s always a bit clumsy, but it was more pronounced while she tried to figure out where her body was.

  2. The Bing will soon adjust to her new center of balance. It just takes awhile to learn to control longer legs, arms, and feet.

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