Deck gets a facelift

This is what our deck looked like in mid-August.  Pretty, huh?  Lots of ugly furniture (the rockers are great) and several million, *&$%#+!^%$ acorns. 

K-2009-8 092

I have come to despise acorns.  Really truly hate them with every cell in my body.

K-2009-8 093

From the middle of July until late August they have been plaguing us.

K-2009-8 094

As it turns out we have a very healthy oak tree.   This baby is just over 50 years old, if you can believe it, and it produces a lot of acorns.  And this year the oaks in our area were dropping very early.

K-2009-8 098

I have been wondering if we could neuter the tree so it won’t produce acorns.  Hubs suggested we remove it’s nuts.  Hmmmm, thanks.

K-2009-8 099

Cleaning them off the deck is a huge job, involving a broom and a screwdriver to get between the slats.

K-2009-8 095

Here it is freshly cleaned.  During acorn-dropping season (I estimate 6 weeks long), it will look like the above pictures in 24 hours.  So, we hardly use the deck during this time.  It’s too much work.

K-2009-8 096

View from the deck

K-2009-8 097

As some of you may know, Hubs is between jobs.  But, he’s been doing plenty around the house.  His first major job – stripping and restaining the deck.  We also got new furniture.

K-2009-9 034a copy

Too bad the furniture arrived 4 days after our Labor Day picnic.  Oh well, maybe there will be a warm evening still this fall and there’s always next year.  We’re also seriously thinking about an awning to keep the acorns off the deck – the next best thing to sterilization.

K-2009-9 035a copy

Looks great, huh?   Thanks, Hubs!


3 Responses

  1. It looks BEAUTIFUL! We need to completely redo our deck. Sigh. Maybe next year.

  2. The Cuzband did a great job! The furniture is gorgeous too!

  3. Looks awesome! When’s the picnic?

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