Over-run by alligators!

We’re at a fun age.  Bing-Bing’s imagination is really taking off, as you can see from recent posts.  A recent theme is the alligators and crocodiles that are taking over our lives.  First, it was our bedroom.  BB usually naps in Hub’s and my bed.  The other day after waking up, she proclaimed that there was a river beside the bed and there were alligators swimming in it.  We proceeded to capture them until it was safe.  The next day, there were alligators in the living room and I was scared!  Luckily, BB found she could capture them by popping them and then we ate them.  And yes, they do taste like chicken.  Finally yesterday, she and I were in the car and she was discovering both alligators and crocodiles all over the car.  They were vicious – even biting my hiney, she said!!!  Luckily, she was capturing them and eating them and telling me where to find them before there were any serious injuries.  I’m loving her emerging imagination. It’s not all vicious, alligator-hunting in the House of Bing.  She also takes very good care of her dolls, changing their diapers regularly (they poop a lot!).  I can only imagine it gets better from here!

Here are some recent pics

First we went to the park with a buddy…

K-2009-9 001

K-2009-9 002

K-2009-9 005

K-2009-9 006

K-2009-9 009

K-2009-9 012

K-2009-9 013

… and checked out the alpacas

K-2009-9 014

K-2009-9 015

Then to an amusement park with a family from our adoption travel group.  It was so nice to see them!

K-2009-9 016

K-2009-9 018

K-2009-9 020

Amusement Park sept 09 174

We also had a big Labor Day gathering yesterday with lots of family and friends.  And can you believe it… I didn’t take a single picture?!  What is wrong with me?  You’ll have to take my word for it.  It was a good time.


4 Responses

  1. It is a great age. At least now we can have a conversation with our kids.

  2. Very cute stories. All of the lively conversations around here usually involve trucks, trains, firetrucks or the like.

  3. I suspect those dolls wouldn’t need their diapers changed so much if we could actually smell using our imaginations. Heh. This is such a great age. I miss it sometimes, even though I love where the Tongginator is now, too.

  4. I have to admit, I love being able to put names with faces now (even if I’m not doing it in the blog!)
    I’m going to need another BingBing boost soon!

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