She’s saucy! + funny words

Our daughter, Jiāng Xue-Bing, loves sauce of all kinds.  We often have trouble getting her to eat some food with her sauce.  She will eat hoisen sauce or ketchup with a spoon or drink soy sauce from a bowl.  Although after the soy sauce caused coughing, she reluctantly dipped some food.  Hubs recently made an interesting discovery from a fortune cookie, giving us an important vocabulary word.  Jiàng means sauce.  It’s just a slightly different pronunciation.

On a slightly different note, you may remember from other posts that Bing-Bing loves the sounds of certain words.  No, not just love, they totally crack her up.  Eventually, the words become like any other.   When she first hears them they seem to lack meaning, but are interesting for their sound.  However, she is quite articulate and good with words and I suspect she will be interested in words as she gets older.  Anyway, we had a party tonight and one of the guests speaks fluent Mandarin.  She was counting in Mandarin for BB, who thought it was hilarious!  I take this as a good sign, as it means she likes the words and would probably like to learn them.  She’s taking an interest.  That’s how it’s been with all the other funny words.  And, even better, this friend of ours is planning a toddler Chinese class soon.  Phew.  I have been feeling terribly neglectful about this aspect of raising BB.  And after tonight I think she’ll be quite receptive.


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