Family visit

We went to visit the grands, Bing and I.  Cuz was there and took some pics of the two of us – a rarity these days, it seems.  And BB actually posed for her!  When I get out the camera she hides.  I do well with the candid shots when she’s ignoring me, but a nice sweet look into the camera is rare for her and I love it!

Aug '09 007

And looking right into my eyes isn’t so bad either :-).  Thanks, Cuz.

Aug '09 011

Here she is with my dad.  I think this is before she gave him a time-out.  Grandad says he won’t do anymore yelling and will listen better.  He says he’s sorry.  Thanks for taking care of that BB!

N-town-2009-8-12 002

No visit to this set of grands would be right without test-driving Aunt J’s walker.  Gotta make sure it’s safe!

N-town-2009-8-12 021

N-town-2009-8-12 019

N-town-2009-8-12 016

Playing by the flag pole.

N-town-2009-8-12 014

N-town-2009-8-12 015

And always, some good Taggie lovin’.

N-town-2009-8-12 011

N-town-2009-8-12 008

N-town-2009-8-12 007

These visits are always nice.  BB is a celebrity at the retirement community, getting plenty of attention.  I visited by myself last weekend and was asked several times where she was.  It’s just not right to visit without her, I’m afraid.


2 Responses

  1. No, you cannot go and visit without her again. She is probably the highlight of their day.

    I realized recently that I have tons of pictures of Jammer with Daddy but not a lot of me with him. Obviously I am good at picking up the camera and snapping shots but him not so much, so I told him he needs to try to do this more.

    I love that Grand was put in time out. So cute.

  2. I really enjoyed being with you two and YM, YD, & MM.
    You’re welcome for the photos – I got lucky!

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