Animals’ names

N-town-2009-8-12 026

Bing-Bing has started to name her animals.  The bear blanket on the left is named Tiger.  The lambie blanket on the right is named Bunny and the psychadelic lion in the middle is Giraffe.  And yes, she does know Tiger is a bear, Bunny is a lamb, and Giraffe is a lion.  She is a funny, funny girl.

6 Responses

  1. We need to hook our kids up for a play date. I love the naming thing.

  2. I totally love it. She is not only a funny girl, she is smart!

  3. I’m partial to “Bunny”……..
    I do think it’s time for a puppy though!

  4. All of Jammer’s guys have names too. After all, they are part of the family.

  5. Phoenix,
    A puppy animal or another animal named Puppy?

  6. Well I think she needs both but I think one is more likely than the other!
    *Think of a corgi named Kitty!

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