Sand fun

K-2009-8 084

K-2009-8 078

K-2009-8 079

K-2009-8 080

K-2009-8 081

K-2009-8 082

K-2009-8 083

K-2009-8 084

K-2009-8 085

K-2009-8 086

We went to the park this evening, so Hubs could work on stripping the deck.  He’s in the midst of getting it ready to stain.  This morning we all helped get all the acorns off of and out of it.  We have a huge oak beside the house and deck and an enormous amount of acorns.  It’s hideous!  I’m taking pictures of each step of the deck process for a future post.

BB had a great time at the park, which is good because she excited to distraction about a train trip tomorrow.  We are taking the train to Philadelphia to meet two families from our adoption trip and an old friend of mine who recently moved to Philly.  BB understands that we are meeting these people, but all she is talking about is the train.  She mentions the two girls and their mommies and daddies and Mommy’s friend, but it’s the train that has her wound up.  We made the mistake of telling her about this awhile ago and she’s been terribly disappointed everyday that it isn’t the train day.  I think we’re catching on to this stage of kidhood.  We won’t be telling her that we’re taking her to meet Skippyjon Jones in September at the local library.


One Response

  1. I totally understand the train obsession. It happens here to. Daily.

    We are working on a date to go to Steamtown in Scranton next month. You still up for meeting us there. BB would love it.

    And you’ll have to take her to Strasberg. It is a town loaded with train places to visit.

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