“Because I’m cold”

This is BB’s excuse for most anything these days.  Notice how she’s dressed in recent posts.  Yes, it’s August and 80 degree weather most days.  But if she doesn’t want to do something we hear, “I’m cold.”  Occasionally, she’ll say, “I’m mad,” although we detect no anger.  She really needs to work on her repertoire of excuses. 

Here she is partying with a buddy.

K-2009-8 068

Later collecting mulch.  I’m giving serious thought to re-doing her room in mulch rather than carpet.  I’m thinking it will handle the juice stains better, its great for falls (they use it in playgrounds, after all) and she loves it!  Anyone tried it?  How often do you have to replace it?  Can you grow flowers?  Will cats use it instead of the litter box?

K-2009-8 072

Ummm, she is not hailing a cab here. 

K-2009-8 069


3 Responses

  1. I’m guessing that Nicky and Reba will like the mulch for reasons that it will make it unsuitable to have in BingBing’s room. I’ve been in search of the perfect rug for my bedroom and there are some with really long leather shag……. I’ll bet Bing would love it but it’s expensive and I can see her pulling the shag strands out……… but it’s better than Mom pulling her own hair out right?

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