Cold-brewed iced coffee – my new love

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about one of the biggest loves of my life – iced coffee!  Recently I’ve taken to making my own instead of depending upon the corporate giants, Starbucks and McDonald’s, and I am saving a bundle!  Now I only go corporate when I don’t have time to make my own or I need a new cup (I do love those plastic cups with the lids and I recycle them for my own coffee until they are useless, then throw them in the recycle bin).  Recently, a friend turned me onto cold-brewed iced coffee and it is awesome!!!

“Cold-brewed, you say?  No!  Can’t be done.”  But it can and it is oh, so yummy.  It takes more time (3 hours at least, but I often brew overnight) and it dissolves only some of the coffee elements – 90% of the flavor and caffeine, 15% of the oils and acids.  This gives it super-flavor, but less acid and bite.  If you like the acidic bite, this isn’t for you.  I love it and find that I don’t need half & half or cream.  Milk is good enough, as it’s so mild, yet very flavorful.  So, less calories and therefore good for me (like that rationale?)!

“How do I do it, you say?”  Here’s the scoop.  You will need: 

  • two containers – one for brewing and one for the final brew.  I use two 1-quart sized mason jars with a lid. 
  • a stainless steel kitchen strainer, the finer the mesh the better.  You can use cheese cloth if necessary.  I have a stainless steel coffee filter that is perfect, as it cleans up easily.  I fit the filter inside a funnel to avoid mess.

Measure your water to coffee, 4:1.  It doesn’t need to be precise.  I’ve been using 3 Tbsp of caffeinated and 1 Tbsp of decaf.  Then fill the quart jar with water (bottled or filtered is recommended – I used filtered).  Put a lid on it and shake it up.  Let it sit for 3-12 hours (refrigerated or room temp okay).   I call this the “sludge.”  Poor through strainer, twice if necessary.  A French press works very nicely.  The mixture may be 2-3 times as strong as necessary, so you can dilute it with water.  Serve over ice and add cream and sugar to taste.  Yeah baby!


3 Responses

  1. Oooh, thank you for the recipe!

  2. Reminds me of Little Connie’s…….. nothing could beat that place!

  3. sounds great! I just brew an extra pod-cup of Keurigs, store it in the (re-used) plastic or paper cup in the fridge and add stuff to it later in the day (ice, creamer, sweetener, Bailey’s. um, I digress)

    this week’s circumstances have had me at coffee shops purchasing iced coffee and I am astonished at how much it costs and how I like mine better : )


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