Party girl

Last weekend we went to an FCC party.  It was a goodbye party for one of the girls in the group who is moving away.  BB doesn’t get to play with these kids often, as they usually meet during the week, but she made herself at home pretty quickly.  Although we don’t know R- well, we’ll be sad to see her go.  She’s a sweet girl.

raff 024

K-2009-7 093

K-2009-7 088

Yesterday we went to a Gotcha Day party for Bo-Bo, a good friend who lives in our neighborhood.  Bo-Bo has been with her forever family for a year!  She and Bing-Bing are becoming good friends.  Here they are sharing some pretzels.

K-2009-7 111

K-2009-7 112

Bing-Bing was thrilled with all these parties – two weekends in a row!  I hope she won’t be disappointed by the ordinary weekend coming up.

I had a nice chat with another adoptive mom who has a daughter a little older than BB.  They will be in the same class come junior high school and the girls got along well.  BB talked about her the whole way home.  “Where L-?”  She always wants to know where the people she cares about are and what they are doing and she asks about them endlessly and exhaustingly.  That’s when I know she’s made a friend.  This evening it was the waitress at the Chinese buffet, who she was quite smitten with.  Anyway, it was nice to talk with this mom, who has two girls (ages 2 and 9) about so many things – adoption things, potty training, general parenting – all while enjoying the party, our children, and a nice wine appropriately called “Mommy’s Time Out.”


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  1. t’s wonderful that you have an FCC group in your area. We don’t. We do have anotehr adoption group here but so far we have yet to go to an event, mostly because they are either on a bad date or they are for the older kids. We do have one coming up next week at a local amusement park and I am really looking forward to finally meeting some other local families with Asian kids.

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