Boomer gets a time out

BB has a bear named Boomer.  He is an awesome bear with the potential to be very fierce, as he has incredible claws.  As such, we have determined that for our family and loved ones to be safe, BB must tame him carefully.  Last night we were visiting my parents and Boomer began scratching me!  BB said he was doing it “on purpose!”  We have worked hard to distinguish “on purpose” from “by accident” for The Bing.  Both require apologies, but “by accident” doesn’t require a time out.  So, BB put Boomer in time-out — over and over again.  It was quite delightful.  She said, “he’s learning.”  What a relief, as we all love Boomer and want to keep him in the family and allow him to sleep with BB.  Yes, Boomer is a good bear and BB is a good mommy to Boomer.


3 Responses

  1. The B is obviously quite intelligent. Sounds like Boomer is pretty smart too!

  2. Very cute story. Isn’t it so much fun when their language takes off? I am sure we will be reading many more adorable and smart thoughts from Bing.

  3. Adorable. I so love it when they start talking to and treakign their furry friends as if they are real. Jammer also does the same lately with his cars from CARS.

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