Hubs’ garden & Tiger-girl

Hubs has a beautiful garden at his parents’ place and recently we’ve been enjoying the bounty – fresh snow peas, hull peas, broccoli, fennel, shallots, onions, carrots, spinach, asparagus, lettuce, corn, potatoes (4 kinds), beans (4 kinds), summer squash, winter squash, cucumbers (pickles), sweet potatoes (3 kinds), honeydew, …  Somethings have passed their prime, some we’re enjoying now, and other things we are waiting for.  Many things we are eating fresh; much is being frozen for winter.

K-2009-6 073

K-2009-6 072

K-2009-6 075

K-2009-6 077

Bing-Bing anxiously awaits homemade icecream – she’d been waiting for sprinkles all day!

K-2009-6 078

Here she is in her new tiger hat.  I went to the Celtic Fling at our Renaissance Faire and found this for her there.  I’ve felt for a long time that she is quite tigerish.

K-2009-6 090

K-2009-6 086

K-2009-6 083


2 Responses

  1. That is one BIG garden.

  2. He has two plots like that!

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