Big-girl bed!

Since returning from the beach, BB has refused to go to bed in her crib, instead going to sleep on the floor.  Clearly, it was time to set up her toddler bed.  “Can you take a hint, people???”

K-2009-6 092

Daddy and BB went to work, with a constant refrain from BB, “I need to work!”  Sadly, she wasn’t much help.

K-2009-6 094

K-2009-6 098

Think it’s a hit?

K-2009-6 099

K-2009-6 096

We had a buddy over for dinner and went out for a jaunt in the wagon after dinner.  Both girls pulled the wagon – the little girl in pink even pulling me!  Holy moly, she’s strong!

K-2009-6 097


5 Responses

  1. But….did she actually sleep in it?

    Jammer loved his toddler bed too when we first got it but now he wants to sleep with us all the time. I so want to get him back into his own bed but it is a tough fight with a stubborn little boy.

  2. Our toddler bed was a big hit. I am glad she loves it.

  3. She slept in it ALL night! And this morning when Hubs asked her to pick out her shoes she put on socks and shoes BY HERSELF! Our little girl is growing up. (Socks didn’t match).

  4. Congratulations on the milestone AND I see that she slept in it all night, too! That is so great! She is looking ever so grown up. I love the working thing…Chloe is that way, too – couple of weeks ago at the park she found a wrench & set to work disassembling the playground, the bleachers, the pavilion. Maybe they can go into business together….

  5. that’s one happy girl in her big bed :O)

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