“I need to work!”

The day after returning from the beach was rather low-key.  BB didn’t feel like playing outside, so we decided to put her tool bench together.  Hubs and BB, that is.  I documented the event.  Throughout the process, BB repeatedly proclaimed “I need to work!”  And work she did with the typical work ethic of a 2-year-old – 200% passion, 2% focus, 1% good judgment.  Thank goodness for parental supervision.

K-2009-6 062

Any time she is with the tools she says, “I need to work!”  This is nice, as I know what she’s up to.

K-2009-6 068

She’s quite handy with that drill, don’t you think?

K-2009-6 069


One Response

  1. Watch out. She just might start taking apart everything she can get her hands on. My nephew used to spend hours and hours taking apart old VCRs.

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