K-2009-6 014

K-2009-6 006

K-2009-6 061

K-2009-6 059

K-2009-6 058

K-2009-6 057

K-2009-6 055

K-2009-6 051

K-2009-6 052

They all got along – in a sisterly, cousinly kind of way.  BB discovered a powerful weapon – her drool.  When she discovered it’s power, she intentionally wiped it on an offending cousin.  Nasty!  This was quickly put to a stop with a parental washing of hands and “you must apologize to E or G,” which she did.  I hope the drool weapon doesn’t carry over into school!  BB came home from the beach slightly more mature – no longer wanting to sleep in her crib and suddenly not wanting diapers (prefering pull-ups) until we said that meant she needed to go in the potty.  Now she’s chosen diapers and she wants to go in her pants.  One step forward; one step back.


2 Responses

  1. All I can say is “ut oh”.

  2. Oops!

    She can pull out the drool weapon when she discovers that boys have cooties!

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