Boardwalk rides

Last year Bing-Bing was a little too young for these.  This year, she was totally in!  She loved them, attempting to dive to the front of each line quickly to get on each ride fast!  It was a big lesson on “waiting our turn.”  I even had to chase after her when she attempted to board the giant ferris wheel with a strange family, butting ahead in line without paying.  She loved the ferris wheel for a few rounds, no fear of heights, but got bored after a bit and said “all done” and wanted out when we were at the top!

K-2009-6 118

No fear for BB, but Mommy’s yelling nicely.

K-2009-6 088

Kiss for BB…

K-2009-6 104

Kiss back.

K-2009-6 107

Family on the boardwalk.

K-2009-6 115

Getting off the ride.

K-2009-6 120

It was a good night out on the town!


3 Responses

  1. That looks like *so* much fun! BB’s haircut is adorable!

  2. A year sure changes them.

  3. Jammer wasn’t sure of the rides there last year either. He did one round on the “trire trucks” and many on the carousel but wanted nothing to do with any of the others. Now, after our Disney trip earlier this year, I’m betting he’ll be more than excited to get on practically every single ride.

    Next year, we definitely have to coordinate our trips there so we can meet up. This missing each other by a week stinks.

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