Meeting, parks, & off to the beach! + addition

K-2009-6 047

On Sunday we met my brother and Cousin E at a restaurant halfway between our homes.  Bing-Bing hadn’t met her yet, as she is in college in California.  They seemed to hit it off… here stacking checkers.  Someone thought E was BB’s mom, as they look more alike than BB and Mommy and Daddy.  E’s dad is Chinese.  Someone said, “she’s as pretty as her mommy,” meaning E.

K-2009-6 046

Later in the day, running toward a playground with another cousin.

K-2009-6 050

K-2009-6 059

She liked this climbing wall.

K-2009-6 051

Alpaca babes, Snappy and Iris.

K-2009-6 003

IrisK-2009-6 002

K-2009-6 009

Hangin’ around another day at another park.

K-2009-6 006


We’re off to the beach tomorrow!  Meeting family (grands, aunts, uncles, and cousins) for a week of fun in the sun.  Let’s hope there’s sun.  I’m home sick today.  I’m on my third day with laryngitis, with a cold, and last night I had a mild rash, which is mostly gone now.  The rash makes me nervous – is it catching?  So later today I’m going to the doctor to get checked out to see if I’m okay to be around the family.  Let’s hope… I’d rather not have to stay back, but if need be I could catch a bus down later.

Ps. I’ve been cleared to be around people and go to the beach!!!  Yay!!!  Later gators.  No more posts until next Saturday at the earliest.  Hoping for some great pics of the Bing on the Beach!!!


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  1. See you guys next week…… well, on the web. Hope you’re having the time of your lives!
    I’ll be down in 17 more days! Can BingBing be potty trained by then?

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