The wheels on the bus…

… go ’round and ’round!  Bing-Bing loves buses and spots them all the time, so we decided it was time to take a bus ride.  We live near a bus line, so this morning, Maw Maw drove over and the three of us walked to the bus stop and rode into the city.

K-2009-6 026

We went to the farmers’ market for lunch.  BB quickly confiscated Maw Maw’s apple.  Yum!

K-2009-6 027

We wandered around town and window shopped.

K-2009-6 029

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch from the market – Kielbasa for BB, a wrap for Maw Maw, and African food for me.  Yum!

K-2009-6 031

K-2009-6 032

BB loved the whole trip and she behaved wonderfully.  We took advantage of the opportunity to work on community safety.  I gave her a card that said, “if my mommy is lost please call “cell phone #”, put it in her pocket, and instructed her to find “a person in uniform” or “a lady who looks like a mommy” to show the card to if Mommy gets lost.  She seemed to understand, but it was hard to tell.  The child has the attention span of, uh, a 2-year-old!  While downtown, we saw a policeman on a bike and I gave her directions about him being a man in uniform.  He even stopped and we talked to him briefly.  We did the same with a bus driver.  I have also ordered THIS for future trips.  We’ll keep it in her diaper bag so it’s accessible when needed.  I hope she’ll wear it.

  We returned home, had a popsicle, and took a nap.  BB’s re-entry into wakefulness wasn’t pretty.  It isn’t always.  Sometimes I wonder where the wonderful morning child goes when she wakes up from her naps?  She can be so sad, angry, and miserable.  I packed her up, against her will, and took her to the park.  Even there, it took awhile for her to come around, but she did calm.  And eventually, the Bing was back!

K-2009-6 033

K-2009-6 035

K-2009-6 034

Here’s a new skill… going up the sliding board. 

K-2009-6 044

Oh the thing she learns from the bigger kids.  She did very well, I have to say.  What can a mom do but document and congratulate?  Oh, and be ready for injuries, perhaps.  Aunt C~, I will never forget you telling me something when one of your girls was precariously going down the stairs… “I just trust her.”  I remember wondering, “will I ever feel that?”  Yes!  I do!  My girl has good physical skills, I know them, and I DO trust her.


5 Responses

  1. Glad to hear that she enjoyed her first bus ride! Sounds like you both had a wonderful day~

  2. looks like b enjoyed te bus adventure. i love her cutesummer ‘do. i’d like to get she and paige together at a playground soon.

  3. It sounds like BingBing is just living such a wonderfully spoiled life! What fun to take a bus ride with her Mom and Grandma, eat out, talk to a policeman……
    I have to congratulate you Cav, you’re doing such a great job raising a kid! Are you sure you’re the same person I knew a few decades back?
    Oh, by the way, I’m having my dog microchipped for the move to the city……. I know they don’t do this for kids but I think I’d insist a kid of mine have my name and phone number tattooed on her! Guess that’s why I’m not going to be a Mom!

  4. A bus ride can be quite an adventure. Looks like fun.

  5. Sounds like you had a great day. Thanks for the heads up on the bracelet. I’ve been looking for something just like that.

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