More funny words

Bing-Bing still finds certain words irresistibly funny.  We all crack up when this happens.  She’ll hear a word spoken, in context, and repeat it and laugh like it’s the funniest thing ever.  So, of course we all repeat it over and over just for giggles.  Really, who can resist?  Words that have tickled her funny bone, include – waffle, Nick (the cat), itchy, ew, skirt, buyao (means “don’t want” in Chinese, which she now understands through this ridiculous process and uses appropriately) chunky, vomit, and dumpy.  Here she is enjoying “chunky” and “vomit.”


5 Responses

  1. I KNEW mom was going to say “Chunky vomit!”….. yep, that’s my friend I remember from so long ago!

  2. Thank you , thank you and xie xie to the cuzband. Without your expertise I would not have been able to enjoy the video.
    Chunky vomit – way to go Cuz!

  3. I hope you all are still laughing when you actually see some chunky vomit.

    I love her laugh.

  4. Love the giggle!

  5. Actually, chunky, dumpy and vomit ARE quite funny if you say them more than once.

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