Friday & Saturday

I took Bing-Bing to a carnival at my elementary school.  Talk about the memories!  BB loved these blow-up activities.  She was the youngest I saw in them and kept going up and down the slide. 

Contemplating at the top

K-2009-5 002

Down she goes!  I’m pretty sure she’s going to be into extreme sports one day.

K-2009-5 001

Bounce… bounce… bounce…

K-2009-5 004

Saturday we had a yard sale.  BB enjoyed the neighborhood event, helping us sell, plus getting a few things for herself – a cash register and sneakers for the fall.  We also went to the park.

K-2009-5 009

K-2009-5 020

K-2009-5 026

She  insisted on pulling her transportation herself.  At one point, she decided to ride and was frustrated when she couldn’t both ride and pull!

K-2009-5 022


4 Responses

  1. Our M is headed for extreme sports too. Maybe they’ll be on the same circuit!

  2. Cuz,
    Hubs just read this, laughed, and said, “yeah, climbing and knife fighting!” 🙂

  3. Just like Jammer. He is fearless just like BB. I’m wondering if it is time to get him into tumbling classes or something similar. Maybe I’ll wait tlll fall, but no matter when, I’m betting he’ll love it.

    Yeah spring! I’m guessing that she wants ot be outside all the time too.

  4. Wow is she ever getting BIG! Hopefully we can rent the inflatable again for CNY and she can slide and bounce with us!

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