Park days

Last weekend with friends…


… just climbing around.  I love these action shots.


Here she is inspecting ants.


And riding with a friend.


At the swings, she refused to let me push her.  Only Uncle T was good enough to push The Bing this day!


On Monday, we met Q at another park for supper.  BB had fun there too.


Next, is my sister, Q, with her friend, C.  From what I understand, seeing our house has inspired them to grow their own trees from saplings and acorns.  Also, C has grand plans for designing our second floor when we’re ready.  Now it’s just an attic, but someday it will be grand and glorious.   When he becomes an architect and can draw up those plans for us, that is.  You go, C!



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  1. I really like that photo of the two friends! It has a very peaceful feeling to it.

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