Race Against Racism


We walked.  Bing-Bing loved it!  She was so excited to be part of the “people!”  We met a wonderful couple and their 3-month-old and we walked with them.  It’s so nice to meet cool people as we walk along our lives.

You may notice that BB is sporting her second shiner in two weeks.  It’s the opposite eye.  Guess she wanted to even things out.


2 Responses

  1. Poor kid. What is she up to?

    Sounds like a good cause for a fun walk.

  2. Very cool race! Can’t see the shiners from my pictures, but isn’t it stressful when that happens. My little one fell on her face and has a huge scab on her nose and forehead. So many people comment and ask what happened that I’ve started to tell them she was in a bar fight.

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