Watching E~ turn ONE!

It was FUN!


She was charming; she was beautiful.  BB~ had a glorious time.  Now there was the dog (sorry no pics).  BB~ couldn’t decide how to feel about him.  It was approach-retreat (quickly!) all through the birthday bash, plus he snagged her salami the second she dropped it.  What’s up with that?  My kitties don’t do that. 




3 Responses

  1. LOL…… looking at those photos I was thinking that was a house for GIANTS until I remembered how tall BingBing is!

  2. What a sweet birthday girl! BB also looked adorable! in

  3. I think I’m finally recovered from the birthday extravaganza! Like you guys, we STILL haven’t given E all of her presents from us yet, so it’s going to end up being a few week celebration. I hope that you all ended up having a good time. I would love to see some of the photos that you took- could you email me some of the ones that you like, especially of Bing-Bing? Would like that very much.

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