Friday afternoon

These aren’t great pics, but I like them because they show how she moves.  She’s quite agile, moving back and forth on her legs while in a squat. 


Recently QQ’s mom has been writing about QQ’s physique.  I’ve noticed many similarities between our girls and their build is part of this.  BB is long (her legs keep getting longer and longer!), her waist is tiny, and she’s quite muscular for a little girl.  Even as a baby she had 6-pack abs.  Now, when she sits in the tub, a little Buddha belly comes out, but that’s just related to her position.  Her stomache is lean and strong.  I really see the muscles when she’s tantruming on the floor (that takes a lot of work!).  Her arms are muscular and her thighs – OMG, those muscle astounds me – on a 2-year-old!  Holy moly!



We came home from The Academy and dropped our bags off at the doorstep and just played around the house.  Quite literally around the house – Bing-Bing ran around it five times!  Love getting that energy out before we even go in the house.



2 Responses

  1. I know all about that lean and mean muscle laden kiddo, I have one too. It is amazing just how strong he is. Of course it makes finding pants that fit a huge challenge but thenkfully summer is coming and the length won’t matter.

  2. I have a long and lean one too…and a short and lean one!

    I wish I was long and lean, or even short and lean…

    cute pictures….love the running!

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