More birthday pics

Mommy & Bing-Bing fun


Silly toes



I love this grin on her – silly and self-satisfied.


Where’s the fire?


Fun at Chuck E. Cheese


Daddy plays with friend


She finally opened her last birthday present this week.  We had them in a gift bag and let her open them at her own pace, so not to make it a job.  Two weeks later and she’s done.  A two-week long birthday?  Not too shabby. 


5 Responses

  1. The Bing knows how to work a birthday!

  2. She looks so happy!

  3. I love the mommy and daughter shot. That’s a keeper!

  4. I love that first photo of the two of you. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am so late, Happy Happy Birthday, Bing Bing! The first and fourth pics of the two of you together are absolutely wonderful — you both look so happy!

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