Fun, but very tiring day

Last night, after an enormous dinner at a buffet (she ate us all under the table – and for free, yet.  We feel guilty taking her to buffets for free the way she eats!), she was very awake and up until 10:00!  Her normal bedtime is 8:00.  But she woke up at her usual 6:22 (Hubs made sure to tell me the exact minute) and was in a glorious mood.  Nicky, the cat, loves to hide out under the bathroom sink, so Bing-Bing thought she would give it a try.  I think it’s everything she hoped it would be.


After breakfast, she and I headed off to her gym (she thinks she owns it) for a class.  It was guest day and we invited a wonderful, neighbor friend, also from China!  We had a blast (sorry, no pics, but it’s hard when Mommy has to spot The Bing on the beam and the bars!).

After lunch and a 15-minute nap followed by an hour of parental “please nap” and BB refusals and finally giving up, we headed outside.  It was a lovely spring-like day, but she insisted on wearing mittens.  This from the girl who refused to wear them all winter.  Is it a fashion statement?



BB found her stroller and insisted on a ride, which was dandy to Mommy.  We headed straight to the park, only a block and a half away.  BB made a friend, this little 6-year-old, who informed me she was quite skilled with babies.  She knew when they liked to swing fast or slow and BB liked fast, she said!  She was right and they were fast friends.  Funny how gigantic moths keep flying in front of the faces of the kids we meet along the way, isn’t it?


I love this next sequence of pictures.  BB was collecting and organizing mulch.  The girl in brown had been participating, but had to leave and BB was on her own.  She went up and down the stairs, saying “more mulch” each time.  She made two nice piles – one for me, one for her.  She also told me “sit, Mommy” and I sat with her and we piled our mulch and she instructed me which holes to drop pieces through.  She was very specific and Mommy followed all instructions.




Finally we went home, by way of the alpacas (we have alpacas in our neighborhood and we live in town!)…100_6148

… and hung out in the backyard for a bit.  This is the first she and I have really explored the backyard.  She collected a few sticks, followed the “road” around our yard (it’s a rock path), swung, and went down her slide.  Finally, she wondered “where Daddy?”, so we went inside to find him.


After an active day, with a little nap and being up late last night, she had her fill and fell apart.  We tried to get her to eat a bit, but mostly she was only up for all-out tantruming.  And there was nothing really to be done, but try to get her to sleep, but she was so beyond tired it was very tough.  She’s out now and the house is blissfully quiet and messy.  Yeah, I’d say it was a good day overall.

4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a good, busy day. Love the outfit! Did she get a haircut? Just looks different to me…

  2. What is it with them going to bed late and still being Miss Merry Sunshine when waking up at the normal early bird time? 🙂
    Take advantage of the free buffet now (I used to think the same thing–M could eat!), now each time we have to pay and she eats like a bird.
    Love the cute pics–looks like a nature girl.

  3. I am SO jealous! It looks like spring (It was snowing here today!) And your neighborhood looks absolutely delightful! Looks like Mom and Dad are doing a wonderful job and little BB seems so happy too. Get started on building that guest room……. I’m hoping to be down soon!

  4. She is definitely training you right Mommy. I love hearing how she was so direct about where you needed to put your mulch.

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