Two… plus one day!

It was Day 2 of Bing-Bing’s glorious birthday celebration.  MawMaw and PawPaw stopped by with gifts from them and Aunt C, Uncle R, and Cousins E and G.  Wowza!  Thanks, everyone!


Then E and her parents, River Mama and Papa of Bending the River fame, stopped by for a visit.  More gifts exchanges and lots of play.  It was fun to watch the girls.  Usually, BB’s play dates involve older children and it was fun to watch her with E~, who will be one in three weeks.  We’ll see her again then for a wild and raucous party, I’m sure.  Although E is beginning to walk, she isn’t running and climbing quite like BB.  No problem!  BB took to crawling and off the two of them went, around and around, chasing each other with glee. 


Here they are digging through River Mama’s diaper bag.  Don’t they look like they’re up to no good?


After dinner, we had a strawberry shortcake dessert.  BB was also given a cupcake with two candles.  E was told to watch the proceedings, as she’ll be going through this the first time in just three weeks!  But BB resorted to the thumb and forefinger method.  Ouch!  Luckily, her fingers were covered in frosting and drool and the damage wasn’t too bad.  I ignored, so as not to create a scene and she decided there was no pain (frosting is a good insulator, afterall).  I do hope E wasn’t watching.


As E and River Mama and Papa were heading to their car, BB said, “Bye bye!  See you ‘morrow!”  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Three weeks will just have to do.  That’s how she says bye these days, whether she’ll see the person in months or hours.


5 Responses

  1. We had a fabulous time- it was so nice to see all of you!! I agree with the Bing- we should be able to get together today and have more games of chase! How cool to watch E and BB actually playing (!) together, E for the first time with anyone.

    BTW, I was up until 11:30 going through all the stuff you gave me. I loved every second of it!! It was like a second Christmas- I think that there were only 5 pieces or so that I will not be using out of all of that!! Thank you so much~

  2. This morning BB said, “where’s E?” I said, “E went home.” Too cute. We’re a long way from slumber parties, but these two would have a good time, huh?

  3. how cute…………….nice to see Mrs. Pushy’s E as well.
    so cute.

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  5. To have such fun in your house must have been so sweet.

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