Hip hip hooray, Bing-Bing turned two today!  We started the celebrating yesterday, first with cupcakes sent to The Academy to share with friends.  Then we let her start opening presents – first some books that arrived in the mail.   Thanks, Cuzes, she loves them!


She also got her first Elmo, as she loves him dearly.  In fact, she tells me that he is in her class at The Academy.  Her teacher was delighted to hear this.  Here she is feeding Elmo.


This morning we started the day by going out to breakfast with MawMaw, PawPaw, and Aunt A~ and she received this wonderful gift.  BB loves to play with food – feeding herself, us, and the cats (who are baffled by her offerings).  She did seem a little confused tonight when she was unable to peel her wooden banana, but accepted that she would have to pretend-peel it.  Thanks, Aunt A~!


After breakfast we went to the gym for a class.  Sorry, no pictures, but I took her alone and it’s hard to take pictures and spot her at the same time.  But she had a wonderful time. 

After nap, she opened a few more gifts – a new Signing Time DVD with some great vocabulary, some of which she was repeating after one viewing – and a cool puzzle.  Next, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese.  She did great there, loving the food and the rides.  My take on it all?  It’s just a set-up for bars and casinos in later life.  Don’t think we’ll do it often, but once in awhile is okay.  And Phoenix, this one didn’t have a vomit–, I mean ball-pit.






After eating and enjoying the rides, I thought a trek to a nearby ice cream place would be nice, so I ran the idea by Hubs.  He asked BB, who was delighted and started bouncing and yelling “Mommy!” and signing “ice cream” at me.  It seems we had consensus.


We visited a friend, briefly, came home for a bath and BB was asleep before I could finish the book this friend gave her.  Yeah, it was a busy day!

Hubs’ take on Chuck E. Cheese? 

So we didn’t want a raucous party with lots of friends and family this year, so we took her to Chuck E. Cheese for raucousness with hundreds of strangers? 

Uh, yeah.  It does sound kind of silly when you put it that way.  I wanted to celebrate big, I just wanted to keep it simple somehow too.  I think BB approved.   There will be more celebrating over the next several days.  We have lots of presents for her that we kept aside, so not to overwhelm her.

7 Responses

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Bing!

  2. Yay!!!! No ball pit!
    With all hopes, I’ll be there to celebrate next year….. can we go to Hershey????? Mmmmmmmm
    And Gus celebrated his 4th birthday in style too! He got to play with his canine buddies!

  3. Happy birthday kiddo. I am glad you had a great time!

  4. Happy Birthday Bing! You celebrated big – welcome to TWO : ))

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great time–I love how you guys always have days of celebration. Gotta love Todd Parr. btw–where did she get the food groups? Cute!

  6. Happy Birthday Bing! Lookd like a great time!

  7. Though a little belated, Happy Birthday little girl. It sure sounds like you had a terrific day.

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