Spring is on the way!


This is Ozzy and Harriet, the geese who nest right outside the building where I work.  They have been hanging out lately, staking their claim, I think.  They haven’t made their nest yet, but they are hanging out in the parking lots more and more.  When the nest is built they will be quite territorial and nasty – spitting, hissing and chasing.  Some staff won’t park in this area during this time.  I hiss back and go about my business. 

We’ve been watching Ozzy and Harriet for years in this spot.  Several years ago our clients named the couple, Ozzy and Harriet,  and for two years I’ve blogged about them.  In 2007 and 2008 they started their nest in mid-March.  In 2007, the eggs died and Ozzy and Harriet left the nest on April 25.  In 2008, the eggs hatched on April  25.  Anyway, they are here and I see this as a sign that spring is coming!


6 Responses

  1. My girlfriend calls me Goose.

  2. Wow…… I can’t believe it’s time for Ozzy and Harriet again! And, if I remember correctly, it’s around this time we get to start seeing photos of the orchids too. It’s still the dead of winter here but it’s nice to imagine spring happening somewhere in this country!

  3. I remember them from last year. It is cool that they return every year. Bring on spring!

  4. I remember them from last year.

    We just named our horse

  5. It’s cool to be so aware of the seasonal cycles through these two. I wonder where they go and what they see the rest of the year? Do you think they have different names when they travel down south?


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