“My gym” + birthday plans

Bing-Bing invited her MawMaw to “her gym” this morning and we all had a wonderful good time!  She enjoyed swinging on these rings for the very first time (they’ve never had them out during our visits).


MawMaw and Bing-Bing at the rings.



After her 3-hour nap (I was astounded!), she got up and created this masterpiece.


… which she gave to her good friend at dinnertime for a birthday gift.  The birthday girl had her party two weeks ago when turning 4, but we couldn’t make it as BB was sick.  So, we caught up with her now.


Speaking of birthdays — BB will be turning TWO in a week!  No party this year, but we will be celebrating the Bing and her new twoness!  In the morning we’ll go to “my gym” and later in the day (after a glorious nap, we hope) we are going with the birthday girl of 2 weeks ago and her parents to… drum-roll, please… Chuck E. Cheese!  Don’t worry, I checked.  This one doesn’t serve alcohol, but under advice from a friend, we will check for the fire exits in case a brawl breaks out.  And I’ll try not to lose control some kid bops me in the Sky Tube.  Uh, that is if I fit in the Sky Tube.  Never been to the home of the mouse.


5 Responses

  1. Ummmm…. about Chucky Cheese? Don’t let the Binger play in those rooms of balls! I used to take my nieces there and watch kids vomitting in them all the time! They “may” have gotten washed out once a day….. maybe!


  2. 3 hour nap

    teach me teach me PLEEZE!

  3. Love the picture of her on the rings- she looks so excited!

    Ummm…. take Mr Fenstermaker to Chuck E with you…. he loves Skee Ball. Me, not so much.

  4. What a smile on the first picture. Oh my gosh, she’s two already. Where did the time go?

    Happy 2nd birthday!

    BTW, Chuck-E’s has pretty good pizza. But don’t forget the Purell ;0)

  5. Happy 2! have fun a CC. We’ve yet to venture inside one.

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